Misty Dawn: Portrait of a Muse

by Jock Sturges (Aperture, New York, 2008)

Jock Sturges became famous when the FBI raided his San Francisco studio to confiscate all his images and equipment, as part of an investigation for a possible charge of child pornography. (He has been photographing naturist families in the U.S. and Europe for more than 25 years now.) After a legal battle a court ruled that his images are “art” not “pornography,” so his property was returned to him – some damaged. Ironically, thanks in part to the free publicity, he has now published several books (one in Japanese) and is widely respected as a heroic artist. This book is a collection of images of one of his models named Misty Dawn, from age four to adulthood (now a mother), and – more irony – some of the best images are of her when she’s clothed! Highly recommended for the technical quality of the photography, aside from the beauty of the model’s metamorphosis from child to adult.