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Is the Breast a "Sex" Organ?

   Or merely an organ of nourishment? The question isn't as simple as some people would like to believe. Should exposure and touching of the breasts be subject to the same prohibitions and taboos as exposure and touching of the genitals? Some people consider the breasts as "sex organs," because many men consider the sight or feel of breasts sexually arousing. But in reality the breasts play no part in sexual reproduction; women who have no breasts are perfectly capable of having sex and bearing children. The breasts provide nourishment to the newborn only long after the act of sexual intercourse has been forgotten.

   Although stimulation of the breasts may be a source of pleasure for some people, so is stimulation of the lips, ears, etc., but they aren't considered sex organs. Prohibitions against exposure of the breasts in public, and taboos against exposing and touching the breasts by family members even in the privacy of one's home, as well as wearing clothing that reveals only part of the breasts, may be considered a cultural or commercial attempt to sexualize the breasts, with negative consequences for all concerned. Nudists who see exposed breasts all day every day feel no such arousal.

Contribute your opinion about the sexualization of breasts on Sexhysteria's blog:  http://sexhysteria.wordpress.com/2011/09/01/breast-shame-tradition-deception-and-the-money-trail/ 

Interview on YouTube

See the interview about Girl Becomes Woman on YouTube (over 100,000 views) and contribute your thoughts, feelings and opinion.

“Family Values” Crusader Terrorizes Parents

The breast equality group GoTopless.org has organized mass demonstrations in several cities to protest laws that allow boys and men to bare their chests in public but not girls and women. Hundreds of women marched top-free, and men wore bikini tops, in a glorious assertion of freedom! But a political opportunist in Asheville, N.C. filed a complaint of “child abuse” against the organizers because children were present and witnessed the bare breasts! Show your support for breast pride by signing the petition at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/womens-consitutional-right-to-go-topless/

Flickr deletes Girl Becomes Woman!

   Yahoo's photography site Flickr.com deleted the Girl Becomes Woman account in November 2010, without explanation, despite over a year of activity in which my photos received over 300,000 views and hundreds of favorable comments. I'm not the first and nor was I the last person deleted for innocent images. A discussion about the deletion in which many Flickr users have expressed criticism of Yahoo/Flickr's decision and requested an apology is at: http://www.flickr.com/groups/thekidsareallright/discuss/72157625401148563/

Facebook Promotes Breast Shame

   As you may have heard in the mass media, Facebook deleted the account of a breasfeeding group “The Leaky Boob,” and has also deleted pages and individual photos of breastfeeding by many Facebook members. In reaction to the deletion, Jessica Martin-Weber began a campaign to publicize Facebook’s shameful and inconsistent policy, with the result that her account was reinstated and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg went on TV to insist that Facebook is not against breastfeeding. However, regular deletions of breastfeeding photos continue. Here's another breastfeeding mother being harassed by FB (January 2012): http://www.facebook.com/StopHarassingKwasnicaAndALLBreastfeedingWomen

A Nipple was Showing on National TV: How Shameful?

"The Obama Administration has asked the Supreme Court to review a federal court’s decision that the FCC [under the Bush Administration] acted capriciously in levying huge fines for a ½-second nipple shot [in 2004]." - Dr. Marty Klein "Why Janet Jackson's Nipple Won't Go Away" http://sexualintelligence.wordpress.com/ (April 2012)

Female Sexual Dysfunction Linked to Body Shame

The well-known connection between lack of stimulation of an organ during development and impairment of the organ's function has been identified as the possible cause of clitoral erectile dysfunction. Sexhysteria's blog describes the physiological mechanism and its effects (June 2012): http://sexhysteria.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/clitoral-erectile-dysfunction/

Oh My God - a Naked Two-Year-Old!

Another photographer is being attacked by hysterics because he published a book that includes nude images of his two-year-old daughter. The images are innocent glimpses of everyday life, not at all erotic or romanticized in any way. But critics have called the photographer "sick," and used the most vulgar expletives in their brief and superficial comments. Note that we are talking about images of a two-year-old toddler! It is hard to believe that the critics are sincere. It seems more likely that the critics are opportunists and profiteers posing as "upright citizens" in an attempt to promote body shame for their own profit. http://www.wyattneumann.com (31 August 2014)