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This photograph of Anjeza (at age ten) was taken in the late afternoon with no artificial fill flash or reflectors. I used a Micro-Nikkor 120mm f/5.6 AM-ED lens tripod-mounted on my 4x5" camera, with Ilford HP5+ film rated at 400ISO in a 6x9cm rollfilm holder, developed normally in Kodak D-76 (BTZS rotary tube). Exposure was at f/22 (shutter speed unrecorded). The negative was scanned at 120pcm on a ... drum scanner, which shows the grain perfectly when viewed at 100%, but the grain isn't visible in the "print." Although the lens is corrected for 1:1 and covers the 4x5" format at that magnification, it also produces excellent images of subjects at portrait distances and covers 6x9cm at infinty.